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0003128ParaView(No Category)public2006-04-13 17:402011-01-13 17:00
ReporterDavid Thompson (old) 
Assigned ToDavid Thompson (old) 
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Summary0003128: SNL: Exodus reader should support superelements
DescriptionThe Exodus reader currently does not handle superelements. These elements are stored in their own Exodus block and are marked with a type of "SUPER" (as opposed to "HEX", "HEX27", etc.). Superelements have an arbitrary number of nodes in their connectivity array. Because there is not an easy way to perform interpolation (there is no guarantee of convexity), superelements should appear in ParaView in the same way as nodesets: vertices which can be glyphed and labeled.
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David Thompson (old) (reporter)
2006-04-13 18:40

The attached file has a superelement in block 17. The superelement represents the same geometry as that in block 1 (a collection of HEX27 elements).
Ken Moreland (manager)
2006-10-18 15:26

I'm assigning this to Dave T (who really should do it) and dropping the priority to say that this may or may not make it to ParaView 2.6.
David Thompson (old) (reporter)
2007-10-04 14:43

Should work as of vtkExodusIIReader.cxx revision: 1.42.
Alan Scott (manager)
2009-12-09 19:25

Tested local client, XP, 3.6.2 using attached file.

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