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0002567ParaView(No Category)public2005-12-05 20:072009-12-09 22:02
ReporterBrian Wylie 
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Summary0002567: SNL: Support of uniform and rectilinear volume rendering
DescriptionI believe that Lisa already has this on her plate. But wanted to capture the feature request 'offically'. :)

Please add support for both uniform(image) and rectilinear volume rendering to ParaView (hopefully by 2.6 :)
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Berk Geveci (administrator)
2006-01-31 11:23

This is a bigger item that will take 8-10 weeks approximately. The task has a few parts:

1. volume rendering of serial image data in paraview. This involves mostly application and GUI changes and some changes to VTK to support multiple arrays in volume rendering. This could be done in a few weeks.
2. parallel volume rendering of image data. This requires coordination between Ken Moreland and Lisa to figure out how geometry (other than what is volume rendered) will be distributed (D3?)
3. parallel volume rendering of rectilinear grids.

We recommend finishing item (1) before paraview 2.6 and delaying the rest. This way we can say we have the first support for image data and we will have more in the future and not spend too much of our resources that are needed for paraq.
Berk Geveci (administrator)
2006-06-26 16:13

ParaView 2.6 will support image data volume rendering but not rectilinear grid.
Berk Geveci (administrator)
2006-12-18 11:41

ParaView 2.6 now supports parallel volume rendering of image data.
Berk Geveci (administrator)
2009-12-09 22:02

We will have to reopen this if we ever want support for rectilinear grids.

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