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0016758ParaView(No Category)public2016-06-28 15:102016-06-29 13:29
ReporterAlan Scott 
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Summary0016758: Fix 2d plots labels for one cell
DescriptionThe majority of the time, a user will want to plot data from one cell over time. Further, these plots should be presentation quality. Thus, the labels need to be smart enough that they don't show average or mean in the label. For instance, do the following:

* 5.0.1, local server, Linux.
* Open can.exo. All vars on. Apply.
* Select a cell.
* Plot selection over time.

Now, look at the legend. It says the following:
>> med EQPS (Block 3: Cell Statistics)
>> avg EQPS (Block 3: Cell Statistics)

There is no medium or average needed for one cell! Further, don't put out the Block number of Cell Statistics!!

I want the line to say:


For multiple cells, why even say Block number or Statistics? Unless there is a good reason, remove it. Mean says all you need to say.

Further, turn off Median by default. You only need one, and make it Mean.
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Alan Scott (manager)
2016-06-28 20:16

This needs more thought. Ask me before modifying.
Ken Moreland (manager)
2016-06-28 21:41

@Alan The proposal we were just discussing over email should solve this problem.
Alan Scott (manager)
2016-06-28 22:04

Correct. As we get feedback from Kitware, I will write it up and close this bug.
Alan Scott (manager)
2016-06-29 13:29

Now that I know about spaghetti plots, and we are having an e-mail discussion on "what is correct", this bug is wrong and outdated. Closing bug.

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