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0001561ParaView(No Category)public2005-02-01 09:232009-12-09 14:51
ReporterBrad King 
Assigned ToUtkarsh Ayachit 
PlatformOSOS Version
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0001561: Animation tests need improvement
DescriptionCurrently ParaView animations are very broken even though the tests are passing. We need to improve the tests. Try the following:

1.) Create a sphere.
2.) Animate the StartTheta from 0-180 with 4 frames.
3.) Slide the frame number back to 0
4.) Slide the frame number to 1.

Observe that frames 0 and 1 are the same and that the animation uses only 3 frames.


1.) Create a sphere.
2.) Switch to animation view.
3.) Animate the StartPhi from 0-90 with 3 frames
4.) Switch the parameter to StartTheta
5.) Animate StartTheta from 0-180 with 3 frames

The Phi value never reset but the GUI says it is.


1.) Create a sphere
2.) Create a cone
3.) Group them with GroupParts
4.) Switch to Animation
5.) Add an action to animate the sphere
6.) Add an action to animate the cone
7.) Play the animation
8.) Play the animation again

The second time the cone does not animate.
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Brad King (developer)
2005-02-01 09:23

Andy tells me Utkarsh is now the animation person so I'm assigning this bug to him.
Utkarsh Ayachit (administrator)
2006-08-22 16:22

Closing this Bug since it applies to the old ParaView Animation.

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