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0015215ParaView(No Category)public2014-12-17 20:442015-01-02 10:43
ReporterAlan Scott 
Assigned ToDan Lipsa 
PriorityhighSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Versiongit-master 
Target Version4.3Fixed in Version4.3 
Summary0015215: Crash with h5parts data and histogram
DescriptionWe have found a show stopper bug that creates a crash when running h5part data into the histogram filter. This is needed for an active project. Here is how to replicate:

* Remote server, I used 8 pvservers, Linux, master. Does not fail local
server. (Note to self - redsky)

* Open DoNotRelease-particles.h5part. Xarray == x, Yarray == y, Zarray == z. All vars on, apply. Ask me for this file, I may give it to Kitware. (Note to self tomH/case2.)

>>Note - Next, we want to threshold the data such that for some time step, there is no output from the threshold filter. This will change over time.

* Threshold. Scalars id. Minimul == 1000, Maximum == 1,000,000. Apply.

>> Note - you can play time forward and backward, all is well.

* Go to last timestep. (otherwise, the histogram filter is grayed out.)
* Histogram filter. Apply.
* First timestep.


This needs to be in 4.3. Please talk to me if that isn't possible.


Additional Informationcommit af7242cece2008a2d19bf02f3e140228c9c3b67f
Author: Dan Lipsa <>
Date: Thu Dec 18 17:11:59 2014 -0500

    BUG: If there is no data, the extents array is NULL which causes a segfault.
    Change-Id: I1e7e34f7ea0e86033c75057ce73bc62e4b6f122e
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Topic Nameh5part-15215
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Alan Scott (manager)
2014-12-18 14:19

Dan reminded me that you need to load the h5partreader plugin.
Utkarsh Ayachit (administrator)
2014-12-23 07:47

Topics merged into master (v4.2.0-339-g3d6f539):
(VTK) 14539-can-crash
(VTK) KW00001499_ColorByFieldData
(VTK) exodus-15127
(VTK) opengl2_updates
Alan Scott (manager)
2014-12-23 18:53

Spectacular. Thanks for the fire drill.

Tested Linux, remote server, master.

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