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0012005VTK(No Category)public2011-03-23 08:152016-08-12 09:55
ReporterBryn Lloyd 
Assigned ToKitware Robot 
PlatformVisual Studio 2010 / 2008OSWindowsOS Version7 / XP
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0012005: The INSTALL target does not copy the pdb files into any of the target directories (bin or lib). Affects debug installation
DescriptionI have compiled VTK in Debug mode in visual studio. I would like to provide only the libraries and headers to other users. Normally I would use the INSTALL target, however, it does not copy the *.pdb files into either the bin or lib folders. The pdb files are needed by the visual studio debugger.

Is this a bug?
Steps To Reproduce1. Configure VTK to use VS in CMake
2. Compile VTK in DEBUG mode using Visual Studio.
3. Build INSTALL target

In default install directory C:\Programs\VTK there will be folders named "bin" and "lib". These do not contain the pdb files.
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Typeincorrect functionality
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David Partyka (developer)
2011-03-23 08:39

Question: Are pdb files portable? I don't think I've encountered this before but it the do work on other machines then we can probably create a VTK_INSTALL macro that also installs the pdb file if built debug.
Bryn Lloyd (reporter)
2011-03-23 09:18

It seems that pdb files can be portable, if they use relative paths.

There was a bug/fix in cmake, which sets the paths to relative iff CMAKE_USE_RELATIVE_PATH is set to ON.

See this bug report: [^]
Stephan Menzel (reporter)
2011-05-20 05:28

Are there any chances this will be changed or fixed in the foreseeable future?
I just need to know so I can decide whether to create some kind of workaround with scripts or something.

David Partyka (developer)
2011-05-20 08:10

Unfortunately this is low on our radar. If you are willing to contribute a patch then we would most definately take it under consideration. Though it would make the most sense if CMake had a built in way to handle this.
Bryn Lloyd (reporter)
2011-11-24 09:51

Since the install target is mostly for distributing the dlls/headers I have decided that it is probably mostly not necessary to have the pdb files (which use substantial disk space). If they are needed it is trivial to copy them manually post-build.
Dave DeMarle (administrator)
2013-07-22 20:33

Dave P no longer works on the project. If these old issues still exist in 6.0.0, reopen them and assign to Dave DeMarle
Dave DeMarle (administrator)
2014-01-21 09:45

You can avoid the need for installing .pdb files by replacing /Zi with /Z7 in the CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS_DEBUG and CMAKE_C_FLAGS_DEBUG configuration settings in CMake for VTK.

See: [^]
Serge Lalonde (reporter)
2015-02-18 11:34

This bug still exists in 6.1. I have to constantly remember to copy the PDB files to my install folder manually.
Note that this affects not only the Debug build configuration but also the RelWithDebInfo build configuration.

Finally, I disagree with using the /Z7 flag. This makes the OBJ files much larger, tends to slow down compilation, it's not compatible with incremental compilation and doesn't work very well with debuggers other than Codeview (which is obsolete AFAIC). I'm not even sure if you can mix /Zi and /Z7 in the same EXE.

I believe that this bug should be reopened.
Dave DeMarle (administrator)
2015-02-18 11:50

reopened per request, lets get this nailed down for 6.3.
Edson Tadeu M. Manoel (reporter)
2015-12-30 10:56

Kitware Robot (administrator)
2016-08-12 09:55

Resolving issue as `moved`.

This issue tracker is no longer used. Further discussion of this issue may take place in the current VTK Issues page linked in the banner at the top of this page.

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