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0011876ParaViewBugpublic2011-02-17 05:032016-08-12 09:58
ReporterJens Kleimann 
Assigned ToKitware Robot 
PlatformLinuxOSx86_64 GNU/LinuxOS Version2.6.32-5-amd64
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0011876: "Extract Subset" filter will remove boundary faces in 3D view if multiple HDF grids are read in via XDMF
DescriptionA Xdmf file with at least two rectangular grids is read in (see attached example). If the grids have a 3DSMesh topology and rely on HDF for the X,Y,Z data, the "Extract Subset" filter will produce a malformed image of the clipped grid in which one (or more, depending on the filter settings) of the six faces is missing. The same grid, when implemented as 3dCoRectMesh topology without HDF, does not show this behavior.
The problem also disappears as soon as one of the two grids is removed/commented out in the Xdmf source file.
Steps To ReproduceExtract the attached zip archive. Open file "doubleg_hdf.xmf" in Paraview. Hit "Apply". Change representation to something different from "Outline".
Choose "Filters|ExtractSubset". Change one of the start sliders from 0 to 2 (or any other value >0). Hit "Apply". Then remove the eye symbol in front of the filename in the pipeline browser to make the full grid invisible, only leaving the clipped filter output.
=> Grid will be shown with one side missing (like a box without a lid).

The same grid is implemented in the attached file "doubleg_xml.xmf", which does not use HDF but just pure XML. For this case, the above bug is absent, and the clipped grid will be displayed with all six faces intact (i.e. as a solid brick).
Additional InformationThe Product version is in fact "Paraview 3.10.0-RC1 64bit", but the dropdown menu does not have that entry.

The attached zip archive also includes screenshots for both cases to illustrate the problem. There the outline of the full grid is superimposed for increased clarity.
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Kitware Robot (administrator)
2016-08-12 09:58

Resolving issue as `moved`.

This issue tracker is no longer used. Further discussion of this issue may take place in the current ParaView Issues page linked in the banner at the top of this page.

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