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0010498ParaViewBugpublic2010-03-31 12:262011-09-01 13:31
ReporterKen Moreland 
Assigned ToAndy Bauer 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Target Version3.8Fixed in Version3.12 
Summary0010498: Coprocessing plugin: Cannot read data written by MultiBlockDataSet Writer
DescriptionOccurs when you use the coprocessing plugin to add a "Parallel MultiBlockDataSet Writer" and then export that script. When you run that script, you get .pvtm files. As near as I can tell the files are correct, but ParaView cannot read them.

I presume that the reader simply needs to be added to some XML file to show up in the supported readers list.
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Andy Bauer (developer)
2010-03-31 14:53

Could you send me the offending pvtm file? If I remember correctly, there was a problem with the parallel multiblock writer when there was more than one level of data objects.
Ken Moreland (manager)
2010-03-31 15:19

The offending files are attached in a tar.
Ken Moreland (manager)
2010-03-31 15:39

I just discovered that the files written by the parallel hierarchical box data writer are also not read. Again, ParaView does not seem to recognize the file extension (.pvth this time).

A script I wrote a month ago used the .vthb extension, and that seemed to work just fine. If I change my script to use the .vthb extension instead of .pvth, I can get it to work again. (I have only tried serial so far.)
Andy Bauer (developer)
2010-03-31 16:57

It's my mistake for the .pvth and .pvtm files. According to the writers they should be .vth and .vtm, respectively. It's currently updated to be like this in the repository but there's still some confusion about whether or not it should be .vth (as specified by the vtkXMLHierarchicalBoxDataWriter and also used by the parallel version) or .vthb as expected by paraview for reading in files (set in the readers.xml and writers.xml files). I'm following up on this second confusion and will let you know.
Andy Bauer (developer)
2010-03-31 17:31

I added in the .vth extension in the readers.xml file so that paraview will associate both vth (to be compatible with vtkXMLHierarchicalBoxDataWriter::GetDefaultFileExtension()) and vthb (to be backward compatible).
Ken Moreland (manager)
2010-04-01 09:33

Could you make sure these changes make it to the 3.8 branch?

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