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0004807ParaView(No Category)public2007-04-06 16:512007-04-16 13:50
Berk Geveci 
Clinton Stimpson 
0004807: No progress is shown
No progress is displayed during execution.
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Clinton Stimpson   
2007-04-06 18:31   
new revision: 1.19; previous revision: 1.17

I did a few extra things on the GUI side to make it better, and also made it more forgiving of not having begin/end notifications. It seems that vtkProcessModuleGUIHelper::SendPrepareProgress() is sometimes not called before SetLocalProgress().
Berk Geveci   
2007-04-07 13:22   
It does not seem to work on the Mac. It works on Windows.
Clinton Stimpson   
2007-04-09 14:53   
/cvsroot/ParaView3/ParaView3/Qt/Widgets/pqProgressBar.cxx,v <-- pqProgressBar.cxx
new revision: 1.4; previous revision: 1.3

Add extra call to flush event queue. QWidget::repaint on the Mac doesn't actually repaint, it marks a Widget for repainting.
Ken Moreland   
2007-04-10 12:34   
I'm still not getting progress updates on Mac. Dave Karelitz just came into my office and reported that it was not working on his Linux build, either.
Clinton Stimpson   
2007-04-10 12:40   
That's because Berk reverted my commit to fix it on the Mac. It introduced other problems.
Berk Geveci   
2007-04-10 12:55   
It is weird. It was working on Linux and Windows yesterday. I will verify this afternoon if it is broken on Linux.
David Karelitz   
2007-04-10 15:58   
It seems to be working now on linux standalone, but not linux client/server
Clinton Stimpson   
2007-04-10 18:14   
This bug is for progress on the Mac.

Can we log a different one for client/server connections please? My investigations show it is a different issue.
Clinton Stimpson   
2007-04-13 15:39   
/cvsroot/ParaView3/ParaView3/Qt/Widgets/pqProgressBar.cxx,v <-- pqProgressBar.cxx
new revision: 1.7; previous revision: 1.6
/cvsroot/ParaView3/ParaView3/Qt/Widgets/pqProgressBar.h,v <-- pqProgressBar.h
new revision: 1.4; previous revision: 1.3