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0016120ParaView(No Category)public2016-05-11 14:562016-08-12 10:00
Ken Moreland 
Kitware Robot 
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0016120: Warning with Auto Apply on and changing threshold scalars
I have noticed that if you have Auto Apply on and then change the Scalars property in the Threshold filter, you get an annoying and useless warning when the min/max go out of range. To replicate, do the following:

1. Turn on Auto Apply.
2. Open disk_out_ref. All variables on.
3. Add Threshold filter. By default, it will threshold on the AsH3 field.
4. Change the Scalars to Temp

When you change the scalars to Temp, you get the following warning:

Warning: In /Users/kitware/buildbot-slave/paraview-bigmac-osx-shared-release_opengl2_osx10_7_qt4_superbuild/build/paraview/src/paraview/ParaViewCore/ServerManager/Rendering/vtkSMTransferFunctionProxy.cxx, line 420
vtkSMTransferFunctionProxy (0x7fe39ae4d2c0): No prominent values for consumer
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related to 0016127closed Kitware Robot Clean up auto apply - master bug 
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