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0015510ParaView(No Category)public2015-06-04 07:102016-08-12 09:59
Mathieu Westphal 
Utkarsh Ayachit 
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incorrect functionality
0015510: Python Annotation Filter in custom filter generate table
(Git master versin, as well in 4.3.1)
Putting an Python Annotation Filter in a custom filter, then using this new custom filter will only generate table data.

How to reproduce:
Create a source
Add a python annotation , using "Test" as a expression, Apply
Create a custom filter with the python annotation filter
Add the new custom filter to the source, Apply

What is seen:
A new spreadsheet view open showing the "Test" data, the icon of the custom filter is a table

What is expected:
Th render view should show a "Test" Annotation, the custom filter icon should be a "green cube" like standard filter.
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