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0014536ParaView(No Category)public2014-01-22 11:542016-08-12 09:59
Dan Lipsa 
Kitware Robot 
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0014536: Recording a test for setting a background image does not work.
Record a test:
paraview -dr
Tools / Record Test...
Choose the file where to save the test
Set Background type to 'Image'
Choose 'Load...'
In the file dialog choose ParaView/Data/NE2_ps_bath.png
Press 'Stop recording'
Press 'Disconnect'

Play the test:
Tools / Play Test...
Choose the test file you just saved.

You'll get the following error:

Couldn't find object "pqClientMainWindow/propertiesDock/propertiesPanel/scrollArea/qt_scrollarea_viewport/scrollAreaWidgetContents/ViewFrame/ProxyPanel/BackgroundEditor/stackedWidget/page_1/Color/0QColorDialog0"
Found up to "pqClientMainWindow/propertiesDock/propertiesPanel/scrollArea/qt_scrollarea_viewport/scrollAreaWidgetContents/ViewFrame/ProxyPanel/BackgroundEditor/stackedWidget/page_1/Color"
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Dan Lipsa   
2014-01-29 09:33   
A workaround is to save this event before accessing the dialog.

<pqevent object="pqClientMainWindow/propertiesDock/propertiesPanel/scrollArea/qt_scrollarea_viewport/scrollAreaWidgetContents/ViewFrame/ProxyPanel/BackgroundEditor/stackedWidget/page_1/Color" command="activate" arguments="" />
Kitware Robot   
2016-08-12 09:59   
Resolving issue as `moved`.

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