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0011775ParaViewFeaturepublic2011-01-28 15:032014-02-04 21:29
Alan Scott 
Utkarsh Ayachit 
0011775: 2d axis is confusing
It is confusing how to turn on the show axis for a 2d view. Lets add a note in the display tab, for 2d views, that tells a user to go to the Edit View Options.

An example dataset is sources/ mandlebrot.
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Alan Scott   
2012-05-22 22:44   
After a lot of discussion, I believe that consensus is that we should have the same user interface for the 3d cube axis and the 2d axis. To a user it is the same thing, with or without a Z dimension.
Utkarsh Ayachit   
2014-01-21 12:02   
This was fixed a while ago. 2D view is not longer a separate type of view hence we use the same "Show Axes" check box of the display panel to show the cube axes.
Alan Scott   
2014-02-04 21:29   
Nice. Tested master, local server, Linux.