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0011622ParaViewBugpublic2010-12-17 15:292016-08-12 09:58
Alan Scott 
Utkarsh Ayachit 
0011622: Contour - Generate normals, gradients and scalars doesn't do anything
Local server, windows client, trunk.
Open disk_out_ref.exo.
Contour. I am contouring on temp, 400 degrees.
Select Generate Normals, Generate Gradients, and Generate Scalars. I don't see anything appear normal wise, gradient wise or scalar wise...

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Ken Moreland   
2010-12-19 10:19   
Those options only have effect on structured data. For unstructured data like disk_out_ref, a different internal algorithm is used. The unstructured data algorithm always generates scalars and normals but never gradients.
Alan Scott   
2010-12-20 12:50   
OK, that makes sense. But shouldn't the checkbox be grayed out then? Options that do nothing or don't work should not be available...
Utkarsh Ayachit   
2011-02-11 14:46   
commit f3238a2ec8de0ae34c04d1117c5dc19a5729a1e6
Merge: e093262 55ebea3
Author: Utkarsh Ayachit <>
Date: Fri Feb 11 14:44:54 2011 -0500

    Merge topic '11622_contour_panel'
    55ebea3 BUG 0011622. Disabling widgets on panel available only for structured data.
Alan Scott   
2011-02-18 20:38   
tested local server, window, trunk.
Andy Bauer   
2011-09-09 14:01   
This behavior is still funky for multiblock datasets that have both structured and unstructured grids in them. All options are grayed out in the gui but the default of Compute Normals being checked and Compute Scalars not being checked is wrong for this since for the unstructured grids the normals aren't computed and scalars are.
Kitware Robot   
2016-08-12 09:58   
Resolving issue as `moved`.

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